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Trip to Sierra Leone

In May 2024, Janet O’Shea, Chair of SLM, is planning a visit to Sierra Leone, accompanied by Simon Allaby and Bethany Burrage, Connexion Trustees and Ministers.

Simon and Bethany will have several opportunities to work with, help and instruct the pastors and leaders of our Sierra Leone communities, and Janet will be working with one of The Connexion schools, likely at FooFoo Water.

As in previous years, Janet will be helped by children from Bethesda Orphanage children to redecorate and make improvements to the school classrooms.

At Brama and Mabang Schools, Janet created some template designs to paint onto the classroom walls and used as educational aids for the teaching staff.

However, last Christmas she discovered a company called Arabesque, who produce and sell ready-made stencils. Janet was so impressed with their work that she wrote asking if they were able to produce larger-scale stencils that could be used in the school classrooms in Sierra Leone. The outcome was receipt of a fabulous selection of designs for just a nominal fee. Huge thanks go to Arabesque for their generosity. We look forward to seeing the new stencils brightening up more classroom walls!

Prayer request

As Janet begins to make plans and preparation for the forthcoming trip in May, she asks our communities to pray with her for clear guidance, so that their time there will be used productively and wisely. Thank you!

(Image shows children in a classroom at Brama School, decorated with Janet's stencils)


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