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Prayers for Sierra Leone - February

Our pastors in Sierra Leone meet together on a regular basis for teaching, prayer and fellowship.  Please join them in prayer for their personal spiritual wellbeing as they seek to minister to their congregations.

Please also join Rev Amidu Koroma in his prayer requests for February

We thank God for the new year 2024 and appreciate Him for this month of February.

Please ask God for His mercies as we cry to Him daily (Psalm 86:3).

Please also pray for Sierra Leone, in particular our economy, and ask that God will continue to restore. 

We pray for 232nd Annual Conference and ask that God will continue to bind us together in love.

We offer prayers for our leader, Bishop Magnus Bendu. May God continue to inspire him with wisdom to lead in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth. 

We pray that God continues to establish our relationship with The Connexion in the UK.

We also pray for 'Aunty' Janet O’Shea. May God continue to increase her capacity with good leadership.

We pray for all of our charity givers. May God continue to bless them. 

We pray for all of our pastors in UK and in Sierra Leone working in God’s vineyard. May God continue to bless them with more grace to preach the gospel. 

Please pray for all missionaries preaching the good news, especially those in Saudi Arabia and the Middle East. May God continue to protect them.

Pray also for our faithful teachers in Sierra Leone for their efforts to teach. May God bless them.

Finally we pray for those suffering from sickness. 'By His stripes we are healed' (Isaiah 53:1-5).

Thank God for answering our prayers.