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Prayers for Sierra Leone - December

On Sunday 26 November significant unrest was reported in Freetown, which appears to have been a failed attempted coup. Please continue to pray for lasting peace.

Please also join Rev Amidu Koroma in prayer for our communities in Sierra Leone

We thank God for this great opportunity to see December 2023. We pray for His goodness and mercy over our lives.

We ask for prayer for the current situation of political unrest, which has involved shooting of armed men in Freetown.

Please also pray for the current economy and the high cost of living and ask that God continues to bless Sierra Leone.

We praise God for his continuing guidance and blessings over our leadership teams, in particular for Janet O’Shea in the UK and  Bishop Magnus Bendu in Sierra Leone.

We pray for all of our pastors working in God’s 'vineyard' during these difficult times, and ask that God continues to strengthen their ability to serve The Connexion.

Please pray for God’s provision over our UK partners, enabling them to continue their support for our communities in Sierra Leone.

We also pray for God to continue to establish and bless our relationship with the UK, and bring peace and love to our UK partnership.

We pray for all the elderly and sick people in our churches and for God’s healing power over each of them.

Please pray for our Connexion school pupils, giving them wisdom, knowledge and understanding.

Please pray also for God’s guidance and protection over our Connexion teachers, continuing to empower them to teach our children.

We thank God for answering our prayers.