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Huntingdon Vocational School

The Huntingdon Vocational Senior Secondary School (SSS) in Sierra Leone is located at the FooFoo Water Community approximately 25 miles from Freetown.

SSS is an offshoot of The Huntingdon Vocational Junior Secondary School (JSS), founded in 2013 by the late Rev Frank Conteh, who was an active Connexion Minister. It  opened initially with 12 pupils from JSS following achievement of the Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE). These pupils would now study for three years at SSS in preparation for College or University.

Unprecedented Closure

The next year, however, brought the outbreak of an Ebola epidemic, which forced the school to close its doors from May 2014 to March 2016.

More problems followed in August 2018, with the introduction of Free Quality Education (FQE) by President Bio, which resulted in the total withdrawal of pupils, who had gained admission into Government assisted schools.

During these trying years the school completely stagnated, and it wasn’t until 2019 that a few dedicated and inspired teachers, with a passion for teaching and education, took it forward into a position of growth - and hope.

Ambrose Junisa, Principal

Today's acting Principal, Ambrose Junisa, is proud to have been educated by The Connexion and the Sierra Leone Mission (SLM). Since qualifying as a teacher in 2011 she has worked with both the Junior and Senior Huntingdon Schools, rising to Deputy Principal and now Acting Principal. Ambrose has faced multiple trials and challenges throughout her career, including a need to stand firm against discoveries of injustice, bullying and disrespect. This she has achieved with the continuing support of Magnus Bendu, who vowed to ‘provide support until the school succeeds’ and has kept his promise!

Ambrose and Magnus have worked with dedication and discernment to bring The Huntingdon SSS back to life and help it to develop further, but the school still faces a number of challenges:

  • Restricted funds to pay teachers
  • Constraints on the collection of fees
  • Issues with the infrastructure of the school building
  • High rent and running costs for the building currently in use
  • Insufficient furniture and teaching/learning materials

Sierra Leone Mission (SLM)

The SLM committee have resolved to make a difference in all of our schools in Sierra Leone. There are over 5000 children currently being educated in Connexion schools, and help is always needed to help them to remain open and achieve their full potential.


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