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Sharing the Shoe Bags!

Receiving shoe bags is one of the highlights of the year for many of our children in Sierra Leone.

Every year the shoe bags are put together by volunteers from all over the UK and sent to the children at our churches, schools and Bethesda Orphanage in time for Christmas.

The bags contain donated treats of useful and practical items, small items of clothing, books and toys.

This year Janet O’Shea has found that sharing the ‘shoe bag idea’ with others pays dividends as it captures people’s imaginations. Janet recently went to a U3A meeting and mentioned this work by the Sierra Leone Mission, and as a result she has already started to receive some made up shoe bags, which is fantastic!

Thinking along these lines, it may be a great idea for more of our church members and regular volunteers to start spreading the shoe bag word at clubs, meetings and events they may attend. Who knows? This could turn out to be a bumper shoe bag year, making more of the poorest children in Sierra Leone very happy indeed!

The deadline for completing this year’s shoe bags is September 2023.

Typical shoe bag items


2 x face cloths
2 x soaps
2 x toothpaste
2 x toothbrush


2 x writing pencils
2 x pens
2 x exercise books
coloured pencils
pencil sharpener


2 x toys
water bottle
either T-shirt and shorts
or pants and vest (boys)
or dress and pants (girls)