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Sierra Leone Roof Update

Sierra Leone Mission (SLM) has sent money to six Sierra Leone villages to roof their schools.


Kamakonthakay is a Muslim village where villagers came together to build us a church, which is now thriving. The community then supplied materials and labour for the construction of a new school building, with SLM standing the cost for a roof. 


Kabala is another Muslim village where a small school had been established in a private house. 

Magnus recently asked for prayer concerning this school, as the house is owned by a Muslim who has become increasingly anti-Christian. Armed with prayer, Magnus attended a meeting with the local Imam and Village Chief at Kabala to discuss an eviction notice that the house owner had issued. With God's grace a decision was made for the school to continue using the house until the end of the academic year, awaiting the construction of a new school. The village has made a gift of land for the new building to The Connexion and the community has begun making bricks. SLM has sent the funds needed to complete a roof.


The village of Mabang had built a ‘structure’ for their secondary school children, but its condition was so poor the building has been condemned. As a result, villagers have made bricks for a new school and started work on its construction. SLM have again sent money to cover the cost of a roof.


For many years the children at Fogbo came together as a 'school' in the church, which unfortunately generated disapproval from the Government Education Board. As a consequence villagers have now built a new school, with SLM  providing funds for the roof.

Songo Loko and Mathoir

In addition, residents living in the two villages of Songo Loko and Mathoir have built small churches, with help from SLM to supply them with funding for the roofs.


The next big project is to help the school children in Tombo. Their existing school is insufficient in size to accommodate the children and in a terrible state of dilapidation, with a leaking roof that allows water to pour in. SLM plans to either repair the roof and add an extension or replace the building completely. Any donations received that can be put towards this valuable cause would be extremely welcome!

(The image shows the existing school building in Tombo)



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