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Prayers for Sierra Leone - March

We would be grateful if you would join Magnus and the Sierra Leone Mission in prayer for the following requests.


Magnus' prayer requests for March

Please pray for peace in Sierra Leone over the coming weeks. Whenever General or National Elections are announced this is accompanied by a threat to the nation's peace. We ask for you to pray that competing politicians will be guided by reason and not attempt to fan the flames of war as a means of luring votes. Illiteracy is widespread in Sierra Leone and, as a consequence, the population can be very easily influenced. The elections are scheduled for Saturday 24 June 2023.

Please also pray for the medical staff at the new Health Centre. The number of patients using the centre is increasing as people from the surrounding villages gain confidence to seek help. In addition, staff have been faced with the challenge of late referrals, resulting in young lives being lost, which could have been avoided if they had arrived at the hospital earlier. 

We ask you to pray for Magnus and members of his family. Magnus has been suffering from recurrent malaria, his wife, Rugie, is still recovering from major surgery and his sister has typhoid.  

Prayer is also needed for the children and teachers at Mabang, who are dealing with the sudden and unexpected death of their Headteacher. 

We join in prayer for the economies of the UK, Sierra Leone and many other parts of the world. We pray that God will intervene and restore a period of economic development.

Finally, we pray for the Sierra Leone Mission Committee, as they review building reports for The Connexion schools in Sierra Leone, which currently educate more than 5,000 children.

Thank you for your continuing support for all of our communities in Sierra Leone.