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Prayers for Sierra Leone - January

The whole community at Brama give thanks and celebrate the opening of the new Health Centre. Asking for prayer that all those who attend the centre will be healed in both body and soul.

Magnus’ prayer requests for January

Please pray that the Annual Conference, taking place from Friday 10 to Sunday 12 February, at Mongegba and Hastings will be both successful and spirit-filled.

Please also pray for our outreach work at Kamakontakay, Mathoir and Kabala. God was extremely kind to us in 2022, and we pray for more of His blessings throughout 2023. In particular we ask that He will enable us to complete the roofing at the school and finish the church building construction. As a separate Christian House of Worship this project is critical to encouraging new converts to our faith.

Prayer is needed for the sick, and we call on God for his healing power. We lift up Abdulai Kargbo from Mabang, who is suffering from pain and undiagnosed complications, Tommy Kanu, who lives in Manallo, who is enduring a cold with aches and pains, and Jobby Williams of St. Marks Church, Waterloo, who has tragically lost a leg to diabetes.

Finally, we pray for the General Elections that will take place in Sierra Leone in June 2023. Elections here have the potential to unleash serious violence, so we offer prayer and ask for protection for our country's citizens as well as the presidential, parliamentary and local councils.