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Shoebag delights!

The Sierra Leone container, which left the UK in October, successfully arrived at Bethesda on December 13 at one o'clock in the morning!

Showing typical enthusiasm, the children at Bethesda Orphanage turned out of their beds to help to unload the container, which was filled to the brim with shoe bags, books, toys, clothes, shoes, medical supplies, school tables and chairs, mattresses, and more.

With all hands on deck the operation was completed in just two hours.

Next day, the mammoth task of distributing the shoe bags to children from The Connexion churches and schools began with a trip to Kamakontakay. Followed by deliveries to Fabaina, Brama, Songo Loko, Fufuwater, Magbafti, Manalo and Makomba.

The picture shows just some of the many excited children, who were delighted to receive their shoebag gifts on Christmas Day.

This year Magnus also has plans to have the empty 40 ft container adapted to create much-needed additional accommodation at Bethesda.