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Prayers for Sierra Leone - November

At this year's Conference in October, everyone was delighted to be able to communicate directly with Magnus and Daniel via a Zoom meeting. 

Magnus’ prayer requests for November

Please pray for God's intervention with the state of the economy in Sierra Leone. The cost of living has increased excessively for people who are already living in abject poverty.

Please also pray for those who are sick: Sinnatu Simbo, one of our teachers in Brama, is suffering from stomach pains; Abdul Cargo, another of our teachers at Mabang, is struggling with pain that prevents him from moving around and standing, and has yet to be diagnosed; and Stella Browne, who is suffering from high blood pressure, diabetes and other heart-related complications.

Prayer will be welcome for our outreach work at Kamakontakay, Kabala, Kono and Mathoir. We ask for continued support and inspiration for our people who serve as Evangelists and Pastors in these villages, bearing in mind how difficult it can be to serve in Muslim dominated communities.

Please continue to pray for the setting up of the Health Centre in Brama. Our committee is meeting regularly to ensure the commencement of medical services for the local communities by the end of November 2022. Our prayers are for God's direction and provision.

Finally, we continue to pray for political and economic stability in the UK. We pray that God will intervene and help the leaders to put the country's interest above the interests of the political parties and their ideologies.