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Prayers for Sierra Leone - July

You may have read last week’s article Health Centre Progress where we were delighted to announce the receipt of a generous legacy from Ken Stone, which combined with donations we’ve received from churches and individuals means we will now be able to complete the main Health Centre building in Brama, and buy essential equipment.

We praise and thank God for his wonderful answer to prayer!

Magnus’ Prayer Points for July

  • Please pray against political violence in Sierra Leone. National elections are due next year in June 2023 and the drums of violence are already beating with a lot of tribal and regional sentiments being promoted. Many people are scared already, but we know that God is able to pacify all situations.
  • Please pray also for our new outreach stations. Arab Muslim Missionaries are attempting to infiltrate them with material things in order to convince new converts. This is not working for them yet.
  • Prayer is needed for Sierra Leone and the whole of Africa. There is a serious economic crisis and prices are becoming unbearable, which gives a reason for potential violence and other vices. We will also be praying for you in the UK and the rest of the world as similar circumstances loom.
  • We thank God for providing us with generous funds to continue with the building of the Health Centre. Further financial support will still be needed, particularly during the first few months of operation, until the centre is established and running itself. We pray for further donations to help us during this period and enable us to provide an essential health service for mothers, babies and children within our local communities.