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Prayers for Sierra Leone - June

You may have read the recent article 'Roof Disaster in Makomba' and learned how God wonderfully provided through his people in the UK for Makomba School's roof to be repaired after a storm. It was an urgent need as the walls are made of mud bricks and the rains were coming. The lovely blue roof was installed just before the rains came the next day. 

Praise the Lord for His perfect timing!


Magnus' prayer points for June 

  • Pray for the Government to be endowed with special wisdom to govern well at this time of serious increase in the cost of living in Sierra Leone. In a country where the vast majority live on under $1 a day, escalation of prices is a big trouble.
  • Pray for strength and courage for our evangelists in Kabala, Mathoir, Kono and Kamakontakay - Mark, Michael, Kwame and John respectively.
  • Let us continue to pray for the funds needed to complete the Health Centre. The need for a proper heath centre, particularly facing on children's health, becomes urgent as everyday there are parents losing their lovely children due to lack of access to quality health care.
  • Please pray for the sick. Michael Cargo at Fufu water (hernia and foot sore), Elder Jobbie Williams at Conteh, Waterloo (diabetes & stroke), Rachael Dove at Goderich (kidney issues), Zainab Kakai at Bureh Town (stress related) and many with malaria, typhoid and cold, which is common here in this season.