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Thanks from Abdul and Mariatu

Following the generous support for Abdul's and Mariatu's progression to university, the two students from Bethesda Orphanage in Sierra Leone, would like to express their gratitude.

Thanks from Abdul

Our destiny is not created by the shoes we wear but by the steps we take. This is to express my gratitude and how thankful and happy I am with what is happening to me. Words are not enough to express my happiness and gratefulness to all of you. It is with vast pleasure that I send this special thanks from me, Abdul Mansaray, to all of you who conferred as a body to support me and my educational career in order to see me become a renowned person in the world at large. As Christians, we must always welcome the lost and receive people of all kind with Christ's love to support the weak and needy.  

Let me take this opportunity to thank you all for the support you are giving me. This support has a great impact in my life, thinking back where Bethesda took me from. If I was not taken from my past life as a small boy 12 years ago, by now I would have been hopeless or in prison or dead. 

Today I am talking about University. As I go to College I am going with a rest heart as you have given me a computer and a phone which will make learning easy for me. I really appreciate them and may God bless you. I promise to make you proud and to assure you that I will do my best to fulfil my aspirations. Please continue to pray for us, for God's direction and protection.  

Thanks from Mariatu

On behalf of all of the children at Bethesda at Brama Town in Sierra Leone West Africa, I would like to thank you all for your generous support to the orphanage. I am happy to tell you that your generous and selfless support made me achieve more than I ever imagined. 

Everything that has happened to me is just like a dream. Through your unimaginable support, you have made us achieve personal happiness, social life and academic success. We have gradually progressed from one stage to the other, just because of your support. If it were not for you, we would not have come this far. Besides academic achievement, our ways of life have been transformed morally and we have also influenced our peers to something good. As a member of Bethesda, you have made me understand the importance of helping the poor and needy. Your investment in my life will never go in vain because when my life fully succeeds, I will try very hard to replicate your generosity and kindness to hopeless children wherever they are, in the street, at homes or the villages. This is closest to my heart. 

Kindly note that my achievement this far couldn't be done without your intervention in my life. Therefore, I deeply appreciate your willingness and determination to come in and sponsor us. We hope and wish that our association and relationship will be maintained even in the future. Together we can always change the world to become a better place. Thank you.