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We did it!

50 miles of the Pennine Way

We did it! My mum and I started our hike on Tuesday 27July and walked for 16 miles, starting out at Hawes and ending at Tan Hill the location of the highest pub in England.

I had been prewarned that this would be the hardest day of the three, and looking back it definitely was! The weather was beautiful and sunny – windy up on the dales – then poured with rain about three hundred metres to the end. However, the views from each dale we climbed were spectacular, always showing rolling hills and countryside far off into the distance. 

Everyone we passed was incredibly friendly and we often ended up stopping and exchanging our walking aspirations for the day. After the initial “These hills are much harder than the ones we have down south!” it was wonderful to speak to so many other hikers. What was slightly annoying was when we were behind a group for a long while, then saw that we were catching them up - only to then find that they had already reached the top and turned around to come back down!

The second day we were joined by my sister Becky and walked from Bowes to Low Force waterfall. This was a much flatter and easier day, which was perfect for our aching feet from the day before. It started with a bit of light drizzle, but soon cleared up for a lovely day. And we were able to have a lovely cup of hot chocolate on our way through Middleton-in-Teesdale.

For the third and final day, it was back to just me and mum, and it rained the entire time! This time we started in Cumbria and walked ‘home’ to Teesdale, beginning with a ridiculously steep climb straight up into the clouds. As always, this was just as I like to start my hikes – out of breath and wishing I had a pair of wings to carry me to the top, but these were the best views so far. Leaving out from Dufton and making our way back to Low Force, we hiked over a point known as High Cup Nick. A beautiful scar forming a valley looking down into the town. The views would have been clearer if it weren’t for the clouds (but I have no intention of making that climb again just to see them in the sun, I’m sure you understand).

All reminiscence of the hills aside, it was a beautiful three days of hiking for a great cause! The total amount of money we’ve raised so far is £632 and there’s still the opportunity to get in there if you haven’t been able to donate yet. All the money we raise will go towards the Sierra Leone Mission: everything you hear about the missions work overseas and from Bishop Magnus is helped by the money you have given, and we are so grateful. 

A big thank you to everyone who has donated to this fundraiser. Not to mention a thank you to my Granma who drove us to our start and finish points every day, often coming over tiny and terrifying roads. We love you Granma. 

Donations to the Sierra Leone Mission won’t end after this!

by Esther Green


If you would like to donate to Esther’s fundraising hike, this can be done through a Stewardship account that was set up specifically. Donating with Stewardship is really easy and completely secure. If you are a UK taxpayer, please confirm that you would like to reclaim Gift Aid on your donation. This will add 25p to every £1 you give. The closing date for donations will be 25 September 2021.

Visit the Stewardship fundraising page: Donate to 50 Miles of the Pennine Way

Alternatively, you can donate to the Sierra Leone Mission at any time via our Donations page on The Connexion website.