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Magnus preaches at new church

The new church at Kamakontakay was filled with local villagers on Sunday 27 June for their Sunday service. Magnus Bendu travelled to the village, which is 160 miles from Freetown and a three hour journey, to preach to the congregation, bringing treats of bread for the adults and sweets for the children.

The church, which is constructed from mud blocks and a corrugated iron sheet roof, was largely built by members of the village community, with support and funding from The Connexion. The premises will be used as both a church and a school for the local children. The new Christian nursery school now has the regular attendance of a small fellowship of children. With the nearest primary school being three miles distant, it is has provided a first-time opportunity for children to attend a school in their own village.

Magnus and his team work tirelessly to serve some of the poorest communities in Sierra Leone, often in far-flung, small villages. Continuing the legacy of the Countess of Huntingdon, and her passion to spread the gospel, The Connexion now has more than 30 churches in Sierra Leone with over 3500 members.

Kamakontakay is a Muslim dominated village to the north of Sierra Leone, and when the first foundations were laid for the new church building, the village Imam joined in prayer for the dedication of the land and building, bringing the whole community together in shared celebration.

Magnus says: ‘We are so thankful for your prayers. It takes faith and passion to step out, mobilise and venture. These villages are poor places with some of the poorest people, and so many things, including food and medicines, are a blessing for them. Our aim is to provide as much as we can'. 


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