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Updates from Sierra Leone

Among his many roles, Magnus Bendu has been leading bible study sessions for the children at Huntingdon Secondary School in Kola Tree, Allen Town. 

Early last year the school benefited from a generous donation, raised by Shoreham Free Church in West Sussex, which enabled the purchase of built-in mini PA systems. The staff and pupils were hugely appreciative of the donation, and the equipment has been an invaluable asset for the school. 

Magnus’ teaching focused the importance of the potential negative influence others may have on our character; drawing on 1Corinthians 15:33 ‘Do not be misled: Bad company corrupts good character.’ and Psalm1:1 ‘Blessed is the man who does not walk in the counsel of the wicked.’ Wise words!



Abdul and Mariatu

Abdul and Mariatu are the two oldest children at Bethesda. They were rescued at a very young age from the streets of Freetown by Magnus Bendu and brought to live at Bethesda orphanage, where they became part of the Bethesda family and received a good education.

Both students have worked hard and demonstrated responsibility: Abdul was been appointed Head Boy and Mariatu is Student Chaplain. Their hope was to progress to higher education, Abdul hoping to study law and Mariatu planning to study medicine. Following an appeal made at the end of last year, God answered our prayers with a generous donation to cover the costs of their academic courses.

We now ask that you will pray for these hardworking teenagers again as they prepare to take their Final Examinations in July and August.

abdul mariatu 3

FuFu Water

The new school building at FuFu Water now has its roof. With 340 children attending the school, they were literally bursting at the seams, and badly in need of extra space. Work began on the building extension three years ago and will house three new classrooms. Having limited funds, folk from the local communities have been carrying out the work, purchasing materials as and when funds became available. It has been a slow process, but when completed it will massively help the education of the children and reduce the pressure on teaching staff.

fufu water

Prayers for the Health Centre

We give thanks for a further donation of £2000 towards the completion of the new Health Centre in Brama. Progress has been slow, and Magnus has not yet been able to source beds for the Centre. Possibilities of procuring the beds from the UK are currently being investigated. We ask for prayers that this difficulty may be overcome and for the speedy completion of the Health Centre.


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