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Container arrives in Sierra Leone!

The container dispatched from the UK to Sierra Leone at the end of October, has now arrived in Bethesda! 

When opened it was evident the container had been tampered with and a few boxes were torn, likely with missing items.

This is very common in Sierra Leone, but thankfully most of the goods have arrived intact.

Magnus and Daniel send huge thanks to all of our churches and donors of items, who have generously helped to make this possible, particularly during this year of the Covid pandemic. 



Inside the container

  • Childrens’ book and reading schemes for the schools
  • Study books and donated boxes of books from Christian Books Worldwide for the pastors
  • Clothes for children and adults, school uniforms and baby items
  • Toys, especially cuddly toys. These are gratefully received as most children in Sierra Leone have no toys
  • Knitted items, childrens’ hats, blankets, cardigans and jumpers
  • Health Clinic items: sheets, blankets, surplus from surgeries eg donated bandages, pads, saline, sample bottles, wound dressing kits and masks (at least 500 handmade masks are included) 
  • Additional: bedding, school items and Christmas presents!

The shipment is being held at Bethesda, which is a home for children in need. The goods and shoe bags containing mixed items will be distributed from there to the Connexion Churches by Magnus and Daniel, who make absolutely sure that the children receive their shoe bags!

In addition, when Magnus travels to remote villages he takes items, such as clothes and toys for the villagers, brought to them with the love of Jesus. This forms a valuable part of his Christian outreach and the folk are extremely grateful. Magnus also supervises the distribution of items to ensure they are divided fairly and equally - there have been occasions where a few skirmishes have broken out over who gets what!

On announcement of the container’s arrival, Magnus reports that “Bethesda was turned upside down with excitement!”

We look forward to receiving some pictures when the shoe bags are distributed, and we praise and thank the Lord for the safe delivery of these goods to our communities in Sierra Leone!

The image shows children in Songo Loko receiving their shoe bags following dispatch of items from the UK last year