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Prayers for August

We thank God for the completion of the badly needed new block at Makomba School (illustrated in the photograph) which has been made possible through the generous support of Save the Children.

We pray for the right conditions to complete the building project for another of our schools at Jerusalem Avenue. 


Last week our Sierra Leone churches were able to come together, within Covid-19 safety guidelines, for their half-yearly conference.  

Commenting on the event, Magnus Bendu said: “It was great to be together again, albeit in the Covid-19 way. There is so much enthusiasm now for helping each other, with the stronger churches keen to support those who are weaker. The new health centre is also at the heart of the people. It was a hugely positive meeting. Everyone was happy and grateful.”


Prayers for the communities

We thank God for the blessing of Magnus, Daniel and the Sierra Leone leadership team, and for the care and support our churches wish to provide for each other.

We pray for continued development of the new Health Centre, which will provide a dramatic improvement for the poorer communities in Bethesda and surrounding areas. We also pray for protection over their health and wellbeing, not just from Covid-19, but also malaria and typhoid.

Covid-19 numbers for Sierra Leone (as of 4 August) are 1855 cases and 67 total deaths.


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