What's New?

New Health Centre

Excellent progress has been made on the new Health Centre for the communities in Brama and Bethesda, Sierra Leone. The roof is in place and staff quarters are nearing completion.

This fantastic achievement is due to God's wonderful ability in prompting blessed people to make such generous donations in answer to prayer. 

Funding received has enabled the purchase of land and building materials to take the development this far. 

The next stages, however, will require more financial assistance to cover the costs of windows, doors, plastering, floor tiling, wiring and plumbing. The cost for this is estimated at £14,000.

Background to the need for a Health Centre

During their November visit to Sierra Leone, Janet O’Shea with Bethany and Esther Green were introduced to a church service congregation, where they noticed a young boy. Sitting next to his mother, he was in pain, whimpering quietly to himself, and it soon became obvious that there was something seriously wrong. His mother explained that two weeks earlier her son had been playing football when he fell and broke his leg - in two places. She could not afford medical help and could not raise the money for transport to reach a clinic where he could be treated.

At Mabang, the team met a young man with his two small children. He had just buried his wife because she had not been able to reach the hospital quickly enough.

In addition, at Brama School during a two-week visit in the summer, at least six children were taken ill with malaria, while at Bethesda two children needed treatment for malaria and one for typhoid.  

Help was given to those mentioned, but it left no doubt of a great need for improved health care facilities. 

Magnus Bendu expressed his great concern for the necessity of cheap, available medical support, and raised the consideration for funding to build and equip a local Health Centre. 

Answered Prayer

Prayer followed these visits and Magnus’ request, and in June last year, Zion Community Church prayed as a whole community for confirmation that this was a project that the church should support. 

God provided their answer with speed. That very evening a generous cheque was received (from a donor outside of the church community) for £5,000, which enabled the purchase of land, and this was followed in December by a donation from a Connexion church member for £30,000 to cover the costs of the build. Confirmation received in a marvellous way!

Together we thank God for his amazing answer to prayer and ask that he may prompt others of his choosing to contribute to this important project, which has the potential to change the lives of our Sierra Leone community.


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