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The Loneliest Sheep

Be inspired by Short Thought, Simon Allaby's 60-second recording that is posted on the website each week.

The link is updated every Wednesday with a new message, accessed via the Short Thought button at the top of the website page.   

Simon is a Connexion Trustee and Minister at Bolney Village Chapel. He has been creating these short messages every week for several years and never fails to entertain and inspire!

This week's message, The Loneliest Sheep, picks up on the news of Fiona, a stranded sheep in Scotland, rescued by some determined farmers, and compares the incident to Jesus, the Good Shepherd, who finds his sheep and takes them to their forever home.

Click on the link to listen to The Loneliest Sheep






Short Thought

Click on Short Thought each week to hear a minute-long message from Simon Allaby. 

Simon's weekly messages cover a variety of topics and they are always inspiring and entertaining.

Simon's message (Sep 22) 'Detours' recalls a recent journey to Cornwall using SatNav to direct him. He thought the trip would be trouble free and that he would reach his destination in good time for dinner. But alas, he found himself in a field of cows in the middle of nowhere! In life, Simon reminds us to follow the most reliable guide, who will never let us down!

To hear the recordings each week, just click on the SHORT THOUGHT button, which appears at the top of every web page.


Link to September 22 message 'Detours'

Link to September 29 message 'Mysterious Ways'


A Beautiful Flaw

Don't forget to click on Short Thought each week to hear a new 60-second message from Simon Allaby. 

Simon's recordings vary in themes, and are guaranteed to be inspiring, insightful and entertaining!

In this week's message 'A Beautiful Flaw' Simon tells the story of a man who collects water each day from a stream in two clay pots, but one of his pots is cracked and leaking water ...

To listen to the recordings just click on the SHORT THOUGHT button which appears at the top of every website page.

Happy listening!

Link to: A Beautiful Flaw

Speed Awareness

Listen each week to an inspiring 60-second message in Short Thought from Simon Allaby, our Pastor at Bolney Village Chapel. 

Simon's recordings cover a wide range of subjects and issues with insight, humour and inspiration. In today's message Speed Awareness, Simon considers the benefits of being reminded to slow down to enjoy the journey. Be still and know than I am God.

To listen to the recordings each week just go to the SHORT THOUGHT button, which appears at the top of every website page.

Happy listening!

Link: Speed Awareness

Video Sermons

Visit Goring Free Church's website to join their virtual congregation for Nigel Gordon-Potts video sermon Our Call to Witness, recorded on Sunday 16 August.

Click here for the sermon link


Virtual church services continue

A number of our Connexion churches are continuing to organise virtual gatherings that are available for our community to join via church websites, Facebook, You Tube pages and Zoom meetings.

The initiative has been well received and very popular, enabling members of our Connexion Community to come together for Sunday services, messages, worship and prayer meetings, during the period where our church buildings have been closed or attendance is restricted.


Where to find the services

  • Wormley Free Church is posting Sunday services each week, which can be accessed though their website. The services are followed by a Zoom get-together for a virtual cup of coffee and a chat. Link: www.wormleyfreechurch.org.uk
  • Rosedale Community Church has a selection of Sunday messages available on their You Tube page. Link: Rosedale Community Church
  • Bolney Village Chapel is streaming Sunday services on their Facebook page. The services begin at 10.30am for approximately 45 mins and include worship, Bible readings and teaching. Link: www.facebook.com/bolneyvillagechapel
  • South Street Free Church has also been posting Sunday services on their You Tube page, including Bible readings, hymns, songs and sermons. Link: South Street Free Church
  • Goring Free Church is streaming Sunday video recordings on their You Tube page. Each week there is a playlist of worship songs to accompany the series of sermons. Link: Goring Free Church
  • Sheppey Evangelical Church is posting recorded messages, including prayer and scripture readings each Sunday on their You Tube page. On the first Sunday of each month Communion is celebrated. Link: Sheppey Evangelical Church
  • The Countess Free Church, Ely meet together each Sunday via Zoom. During these gatherings members share how God is working in their lives and the community; there is a thought for both young and old, and a message is given. For details, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Messages are also put out by podcast. To access these, go to their website: www.countessely.co.uk

It's a great way to keep our strong community together during these strange and difficult times, and our churches welcome you to join in!

Easter Message

Please click on the link below to see the beautiful visual recording of an Easter Message.

Sent to us from Australia by courtesy of Trevor Phillips, who is the guitarist/vocalist at Prescence Church, Gold Coast.

Wishing everybody in the Connexion Community a peaceful and wonderful Easter, in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Link: Easter Message

(The recording is 6.05 minutes long)



Bolney Village Videos


Simon Allaby from Bolney Village Chapel is streaming sermon videos on their Facebook page to share with the Bolney congregation and the rest of the Connexion Community.

Click on the following link to access:  https://www.facebook.com/pg/bolneyvillagechapel The sermons can be found in the video section.

Short Thought

Simon is also continuing to record Short Thought messages to inspire and teach us. Click on the SHORT THOUGHT link at the top of our website page. This week's message is 'Don't waste your isolation'. 


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