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God of Hope

Today's verse provides a further opportunity to share the encouragement of God's gift of hope and the Holy Spirit to all those who may benefit from this promise.


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The Crossroads

Today's verse from Jeremiah 6 may help those who are faced with making decisions and seeking direction.

It would be good share the verse with anyone who comes to your mind that you feel may benefit from hearing God's advice and reassurance.


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Grace for the Humble

Today's verse is a good reminder from 1Peter to entrust everything that concerns us into God's care, and be quiet and humble in His presence, whilst He's doing his work.


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Refined like Silver

Today's verse from Psalm 66 reminds us that although we face tests through life, God's plan is to preserve us and refine us like silver.

This is so reassuring to remember, especially when we are going through tough times.


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Present your requests to God

Today's verse from Philippians 4 offers much needed reassurance for those who may be currently facing struggles in their life.

It reminds us that in prayer so much can be achieved and put right, lifting our anxieties.

Praise be to God!

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Plans to Prosper

This week's word is for those who will benefit from hope!

Summed up well by a comment received from Rosie on our Facebook page: "I love this verse, so spurs you on with new and refreshed hope in your heart! You just know God is faithful so you hang in there with renewed joy and expectation, through the ‘whatever’s’ of life!"


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Keep Going

Today's Wednesday Word bible verse offers encouragement to those who are feeling weary from their efforts to do good among others.

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I am the Vine

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It has been suggested that verses may also be shared among our Connexion Community through our main website, to reach those who do not use social media.

God often works in mysterious ways, but we are assured in today's verse that He will hear and answer our prayers through Jesus, in order to bear much fruit.


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