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Straight Paths

This verse from Proverbs 4 provides reassurance in all the situations we face, that God is with us to guide our direction.

Chosen by God

This verse from Ephesians 1:4 gives us an awe inspiring reminder of God's power and his investment in us!

Do not Fear!

So much in Isaiah offers us reassurance, and this verse is no exception - particularly during these challenging times!

I am with you always

After more than 200 years since The Connexion was founded by the Countess of Huntingdon in 1783, this verse from Matthew 28 (19 and 20) continues to support her legacy and mission.


Plans to Prosper

A favourite verse. One to have pinned up in the home as a constant reminder. Both inspiring and reassuring!

Show Consideration

Today's bible verse from Philippians 2 instructs us of how important it is to be considerate of others and not just think of ourselves.

Wise words!

One Body, Many Members

With restrictions continuing on physical and social gatherings due to the Coronavirus outbreak, it is comforting to be reminded in Romans 12 that in Christ we are all joined as one.

Inherit a Blessing

Today's verse from 1Peter 3 is a very useful reminder if we find ourselves in potentially difficult or hostile situations. Far better to inherit a blessing!

Looking forward

Today's verse from Isaiah 43 focuses on the importance of looking to the future, rather than dwelling on the past; and learning to trust in God for its outcome!

Amen to that!

Our Strength

This verse from Psalm 28 gives us reassurance that God is our protector as well as our source of help in all situations.
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