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Spreading the gospel in St Ives

Zion Community Church seeks to be active in sharing the gospel through personal evangelism. Reaching out to young people through our youth groups, giving away books and invitations at local events, welcoming visitors to church, having invitational services at Christmas and Easter, and supporting United Beach Missions in their work on the beaches and streets of the town during the summer.

The Voice - Summer Edition

Welcome to the Summer edition of The Voice

This edition looks back to conference only a few weeks ago, and it was lovely to see many of you there this year. Do enjoy reading about conference and youth conference in this edition, and do consider coming along if you haven’t before. We would love for you to join us in 2019.

Thank you to everybody who sent in articles for this edition, they are very much appreciated and it makes for fantastic reading. Particular thanks to those who have sent in articles for the first time, as well as those who consistently send in brilliant articles, we very much appreciate it.

Don’t miss this edition’s Bible study and reflexion kindly provided this time by Ben Quant, Pastor at Wormley.

This edition we’re also focusing on Tombo in Sierra Leone as part of our ‘Focus On’ series. Please do use the information you read in this article, and all of the articles to prompt your prayers for fellowships across the UK and Sierra Leone.

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