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Thanks from Sierra Leone Bishop

We are pleased to share thanks from Magnus Bendu with The Connexion Community, following his consecration as Bishop in April.

Dear Friends

Thank you so much for all the prayers and good wishes towards my consecration as Bishop. I am abundantly grateful to you all and ask that you continue to pray for me as I serve God in this capacity.

The service was very well attended by all churches in The Connexion and a lot of visitors from other churches and communities. I was so humbled with the support. God is so good to me. The Anglican Bishop, Thomas, preached and did the ceremony with a few other Heads of Churches from Baptist, Methodist, etc. Thank you so much for the support. I am grateful.

I am going to work now, and as a matter of priority I want to embark on reviving the childrens' and youth ministries in our churches and empower ministers and teachers to be effective in implementing these ministries. I will also be putting emphasis on how we can keep our schools as real church schools, decent and close to the church, as much as government rules will allow. The schools are part of our ministry. This means I will be moving around to engage, train and motivate our pastors and teachers to accomplish the needful. I will rely on your prayer in this respect.

Thank you once again, and I hope you enjoyed a wonderful conference.

Your friend and brother