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Prayers for Sierra Leone Trip

We would welcome your prayers for Janet O’Shea, from Zion Community Church in St Ives, Cornwall, who will be making a trip to Sierra Leone from 17 June to 2 July.

Janet is a valuable contributor to the work carried out by the The Connexion's Sierra Leone Mission for schools and local communities in Sierra Leone. She last travelled to the area in November 2018, accompanied by Bethany and Esther Green from Rosedale Church in Cheshunt

For this trip Janet will be taking two young and enthusiastic helpers. Her granddaughter, Nina, who is nearly 14 and Tino, aged 19. Tino, who is from St. Albans, worked at Zion Community Church from September to December last year as an apprentice to the Minister, Tim Dennick. And by all reports, she did an amazing job during her time there – particularly working with the children and teenagers.

The purpose of their visit is to provide help for the schools and community. They will be based mainly at Brama School and staying at Bethesda Orphanage. Bethesda is a centre that supports the many children who live on the streets of Sierra Leone and is home to a number of orphans whose family cannot be traced.

Please pray for Janet, Nina and Tino, that they have a safe journey to and from Sierra Leone and for their work and wellbeing during their stay.

Donating to Sierra Leone

If you would like to contribute towards the important work of The Connexion’s Sierra Leone Mission, please click on the Donate button at the top of the Homepage. All donations, no matter how small, are of huge value.

The mission supports the work of our churches in Sierra Leone, contributing to ministers’ wages, providing funding for ministerial training, and building and maintaining churches. It also supports care and education through the Bethesda Orphanage and The Connexion’s schools, helping with teachers’ salaries and teacher training. When necessary the mission can also help in times of emergency or urgent need.