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Gilgal Bible College

Turners Hill Free Church began supporting Gilgal Theological Seminary in 2012 after a chance meeting between its Director, Robinson Valsalam, and Geoff Chapman, Pastor at Turners Hill. 

It was an answer to prayer.

Prior to this meeting Geoff had been considering ways to work with overseas missions that could combine financial support with greater personal contact – seeing the difference giving can make to real people known personally to the church.

The Bible College provides free undergraduate level education for up to 30 young men and women from all over India – and occasionally beyond. They benefit from free accommodation, food and teaching for up to three years, graduating with a BA Degree in Theology, with some students continuing to study for an MA.

Many of the students’ families would never be able to afford to pay for this education and a number come from areas where Christians are few and far between – plus those that do practise Christianity are often persecuted. This means that when the Bible College graduates return home, they are taking their knowledge to largely unreached regions with the intention of starting new churches and preaching the Gospel to people who have never heard it.

The work is entirely funded by Turners Hill Free Church, who also make provisions for ministers and Christians in need that are connected with Gilgal Mission India and its churches.

Achievements from missionary support of the Bible College

  • Celebration of five graduation services
  • Commission of 80 pastors and national missionaries to preach the Gospel in India
  • Building of a new kitchen and dining room, plus a flat for the cook
  • New equipment for the original library
  • Building a new library
  • Purchase of a computer, printer, lecture chairs and CCTV
  • Purchase of mattresses, a freezer, gas stove, washing machine and a cow

Turners Hill are currently fundraising to equip the new library. They are hoping to raise approximately £6,000 to cover the costs of books and other necessary equipment. 

Donations can be made through the church’s website http://thfchurch.org/gilgal/or via Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/donate/384014128995773/10157108451247246/