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Prayers for Fogbo

Your thoughts and prayers are appreciated for those who were affected by a fire in Fogbo, Sierra Leone.

Fogbo is a coastal fishing village in Western rural Sierra Leone, close to the town of Tombo. Its population of approximately 2000 inhabitants is largely made up of fishermen, small-scale farmers and traders.

The fire, which resulted from an accident, spread quickly due to the construction of the houses, having thatched or corrugated iron roofing set on mud blocks, which are subject to irreparable cracking.

Living next door to where the fire started, one of our Connexion Church members, Hawa, has been badly affected, losing her home and possessions. Sierra Leone friends and neighbours have rallied round to offer help and support to Hawa and her three children.

All prayers will be welcome for Hawa’s family and the Fogbo community as a whole.

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