What's New?

New Café at Bolney Village Chapel

At the end of 2018 we opened a new café at Bolney Village Chapel.

The aim is to provide a welcoming space at our end of the village where people can gather during the day. We currently only open on Tuesdays so as not to compete with the café in the Village Hall down the road.

We are very blessed that the café is run by the wonderful Kerrie, who attends BVC, and also runs her own business ‘Kerrie’s Vintage Teas’ which brings bespoke vintage tea parties to your home or special event. 

We open the café from 10am - 4pm and at 11am we stop for a few minutes to ‘Pause for Thought’.

We also have a selection of Bible verses, which scroll throughout the day on our large screen, plus free tracts and resources for people to take away. 

The café is proving very popular, not least with some of the ramblers who regularly walk past our door, and also with our WAGs group (Women About God) who all recently dropped by for a cream tea!

 Simon Allaby, Bolney Village Chapel