What's New?

Vision for Hailsham Gospel Mission

Joint leaders Dave Sweetman and Martin Brown are developing a clear vision for Hailsham Gospel Mission (HGM) in an exciting stage of transition. 

HGM has a reputation for making visitors feel at home, welcoming all ages (and a few dogs!) to come together for informal Sunday services, prayer meetings and community activities. Under the shared leadership of Dave and Martin, they seek to be to be Attractive, Accessible and Active as a community of worship, a house of prayer and a people of hope and compassion.  

Dave Sweetman

dave phyl sweetman small

Dave joined the Connexion church at Turners Hill in 1981, serving as a leader both there and at other Connexion churches.  He came to HGM from 2019, at a time when the fellowship was looking for help. A key part of Dave's training was attending the Cornhill Course, overseen by The Proclamation Trust.

Dave's wife, Phyl Sweetman, is HGM’s Treasurer.

Martin Brown

martin gudrun brown small

Martin came to HGM with his wife, Gudrun, in 2021 after completing a degree at All Nations in Ware. Martin has gained experience as a missionary in Uganda and held a medical role attached to the British Army in Germany. Currently he splits his time 50/50 between devoting time to the church and working for the NHS as a Health Visitor.

Martin's wife, Gudrun, works for a charity in Eastbourne.

HGM's Five Pillars

In the role of Outreach and Development Worker, Martin has established HGM's Five Pillars to help to navigate the necessary changes and processes involved that will lead the church to grow and respond to God's calling. 

1. Encounter God and to know Jesus

We want to know and love Jesus more and more. To Grow in and through our times of worship, teaching, prayer, fellowship and discipleship.

2. Engage with the community and to witness for Jesus

For more people in Hailsham to come to know Jesus. For HGM to be mission minded and welcoming to others.

3. Get organised and be 'Fit 4 Purpose'

HGM to be well organised and structured, in ways that build up and strengthen the fellowship.

4. Be a community and family

We get to know each other better, to grow, to mature and are equipped as Christians.

5. Provide pastoral care and prayer ministry

We develop effective ways to provide pastoral care, practical help and prayer.

Spiritual development at HGM is also accompanied by planned structural improvements, with some key renovations to both the church building and its infrastructures.The plan is to take a non-rushed approach with small projects that may build up over time. Remembering they are embarking on a period of  'Evolution, not a Revolution' will help the church move forward together to support God's work and His Kingdom.  

If you'd like to find out more about Hailsham Gospel Mission, visit their brand new website - or maybe drop in! Sunday services start at 11am, with a prayer meeting before from 10am.