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Rosedale trip to Sierra Leone

Janet O'Shea, Bethany and Esther Green from Rosedale Community Church in Cheshunt set off for Sierra Leone on Tuesday 27 November for a 13 day visit.

They will be staying at the Bethesda Orphanage and visiting a number of churches and schools in the local area.

Church members at Rosedale are supporting the mission with a daily prayer diary:

Monday 26 November

  • For last minute preparations and some. sleep.

Tuesday 27 November

  • For a safe flight to Freetown and a safe journey to Bethesda Orphanage
  • That Janet, Bethany and Esther will have opportunities to witness to individuals throughout the trip

Wednesday 28 November

  • For good relations, team spirit and unity
  • For a clearer understanding of the mission ahead
  • For stamina and coping with the 32C degrees heat

Thursday 29 November

  • For blessing upon Daniel, Magnus and the Sierra Leone team
  • That Janet, Bethany and Esther will be a blessing to everyone they meet

Friday 30 November

  • For travelling mercies as they visit. schools and churches
  • That Jesus, not man, will be glorified and worshipped

Saturday 1 December

  • For clear lines of communication and bridging the cultural gap
  • For the blessing of many as the contents of the containers are distributed

Sunday 2 December

  • For good sleep
  • For God's anointing on Janet and Bethany to speak with power and authority

Monday 3 December

  • For blessings on the ministry of Bethesda Orphanage
  • That Janet, Bethany and Esther would be worthy ambassadors of Christ

Tuesday 4 December

  • For the O'Shea and Green families back home
  • That Janet, Bethany and Esther would not miss anything that the Lord would have them say or do

Wednesday 5 December

  • For Janet, Bethany and Esther's health and safety
  • That lives will be transformed during any meeting

Thursday 6 December

  • For 'fruit' to be generated from the entire trip
  • That the Holy Spirit will have freedom to work in and through Janet. Bethany and Esther

Friday 7 December

  • That God will be pleased by all that the team have done
  • For a safe car trip back to Freetown
  • That God would speak clearly to Janet, Bethany and Esther about future commitments

Saturday 8 December

  • For a safe flight home
  • For easy adjustments returning to the families
  • Give thanks to God for all that He has done

Janet, Bethany and Esther will be grateful for all of your prayers during and following the trip.