What's New?

Turning the Tide

Zion Community Church has been looking to the Lord to renew and reinvigorate the church, navigating their way into the future - Turning the Tide.

Focusing on prayer, evangelism and training, the church as a whole seeks to make an impact with the gospel in St Ives and surrounding areas. 

Nearly three years ago, Zion's vision was to see the church become established by Summer 2022; growing the membership for long-term growth, supporting a full-time pastor and becoming financially self-sustaining.

Needless to say, the pandemic has challenged their planned development, but with prayer, support and determination, they are continuing with their journey.

Turning the Tide has five key areas of focus:

To build and establish our membership 

  • From local churches with sending capacity
  • By asking people intentionally to join us
  • Through the 'Friends of Zion' group



To re-focus and commit to prayer 

  • To be a church devoted to prayer
  • To pray intentionally and specifically
  • To commit to weekly prayer

 To renew our approach to evangelism

  • To study the book of Acts together
  • To pursue the 'who's your one?' initiative
  • To ensure evangelism is a central focus of church life

To engage an apprentice/trainee each year 

  • To pray and plan for the person, accommodation and financial provision
  • To support, train and send people to further gospel ministry
  • To seek to equip workers for reaching Cornwall and beyond

To further our work with the Peninsula Gospel Partnership (PGP)

  • To partner with PGP churches around Cornwall
  • To serve other churches as we are able to
  • To work together to see our county reached with the gospel.

Achieving Turning the Tide depends on people who will:

  • Pray for the church and it's future
  • Join the Zion community
  • Provide support, giving and training

To find out more about Zion Community Church and their Turning the Tide mission, visit their website: https://zionchurchstives.org/turning-the-tide/