What's New?

New trustees

Our trustees do an amazing job in supporting our churches and continuing the Countess's legacy.

The Board currently has five members: David Lockett (Chair), Simon Allaby, Ben Quant, Bethany Green and Graham Squibbs, who handles all the finances. Following the retirement of three trustees, the number is down to the bare minimum. This should ideally be eight - or more. Hence, The Connexion is looking to recruit new people to join the team.

What's involved

The trustees attend four 'formal' meetings a year, at an agreed location, and keep in touch by email, phone and zoom. Limited resources are available, but the key focus is to help our churches to thrive - enabling them to share the Gospel of Jesus with their communities.

Each of the trustees attends one of our Connexion churches and, as with our ministers, they accept The Connexion’s Articles of Faith.

No formal qualifications are necessary, other than a desire to love and follow Jesus. Being a trustee is a voluntary position and the amount of work you contribute depends entirely on your personal circumstances.  

Our History

The Connexion evolved in the 18th Century from the dedication of one remarkable woman, Selina Hastings, Countess of Huntingdon. She used her resources to build churches and train preachers who could spread the Gospel as far and wide as possible. The Countess was highly respected by people from every ‘level’ of society, from royalty to slavery. She possessed great courage and used it to challenge and break the rules of what was an intensely patriarchal and prejudiced social system.

Celebrated advocates of the Methodist Revival, John Wesley, Charles Wesley and George Whitfield were among her friends and confidantes, alongside whom Selina committed her life to spreading the love and mission of Jesus. 

Our Churches and Sierra Leone

The Connexion has 22 churches, spread across the UK from Cornwall to Manchester, Gloucestershire to Kent. Because The Connexion does not govern with strict doctrinal codes, every church is blessed with its own distinct personality, which add to a richness of the whole. All of the churches are bound by a shared love of Jesus, and a strong desire to follow him and make disciples of others. The Connexion also has very strong links with churches and communities in Sierra Leone, continuing the legacy from the Countess.

The Connexion Today

The Connexion today is a strong family community with a shared intention to continue and build on the Countess's faith and achievements. Our members forge deep and often lifelong relationships between entire families that may span several generations. And this emphasis on genuine friendship and caring becomes all apparent when there is a chance for the whole community to meet at the annual Conference (this year 25-27 October). Our aims to 'welcome, network and support' are deeply embedded in The Connexion culture.

Apply Now

To apply to be a Trustee - or simply to find out more - please email David Lockett at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Or if it's easier, contact any of our trustees or church leaders.

It would be wonderful to be able to announce our new trustees at the Conference in October. The team looks forward to welcoming you on board!