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50 Miles of the Pennine Way

To celebrate her 18th Birthday, Esther is hiking 50 miles of the Pennine Way, beginning 27 July 2021 to raise funds for the Sierra Leone Mission (SLM). 

These funds will go towards supporting the schools, orphanage and churches of The Connexion in Sierra Leone.

The idea came to Esther during Lockdown. The schools were closed and because she would have been taking her GCSE exams, she had no online classes to attend. To fill the time that had suddenly become available, Esther decided to go out walking and enjoy the benefits of the rural woodlands close to her home. In doing so, she discovered a 15 mile walk that took her all around the woods – quite a bit of space to get potentially get lost in! 

Over the year, walking regularly, she became very comfortable hiking through the trees, and this led to an idea for what she might like to do for her upcoming 18th birthday.

Sharing the idea with her mum Bethany, Minister of Rosedale Church, they decided on a three-day walk in the Pennines from 27 to 29 July, where they will be hiking 50 miles of the Pennine Way to raise money for the SLM.

Needless to say, the SLM are delighted with Esther's initiative. With all of the amazing projects that are going on, in conjunction with Magnus Bendu, the vision for outreach in Sierra Leone is growing and growing.

Esther hopes that by making her hike a fundraising event, this will enable the SLM to continue providing support to more of our communities in Sierra Leone, which is so badly needed.

Esther says: ‘It will be challenging - especially if mum doesn’t start training soon! - but we love walking and we love the SLM, so what better thing to do than put two and two together and raise all the money we can! We really hope you will choose to support the SLM and everything we are doing in Sierra Leone - and will cheer us on as we walk the 50 miles!’

To Donate

If you would be willing to donate to Esther’s fundraising hike, this can be done through a Stewardship account that has been set up specifically. Donating with Stewardship is really easy and completely secure. If you are a UK taxpayer, please confirm that you would like to reclaim Gift Aid on your donation. This will add 25p to every £1 you give. The closing date for donations will be 25 September 2021.

Visit the Stewardship fundraising page: Donate to 50 Miles of the Pennine Way

Alternatively, you can donate to the Sierra Leone Mission at any time via our Donations page on The Connexion website.

A huge thank you for your support from Esther and the SLM!