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Our Trustees - Ben

Ben Quant is a Connexion Trustee and Minister of Wormley Free Church. He was born and bred in a small fenland village outside Ely. It was through the invitation of The Countess Chapel, Ely in 1990 to join in an Easter musical, that he became a Christian.

Shortly after he left for university, studying Biochemistry at Imperial College, with dreams of going on to become either a perpetual student or a rock guitarist. God had other plans!

During the 90's, he slept on many of our church floors with Youth Conference, joining their committee and ultimately running it. In August 1992 he cycled 1,100 miles around our churches, visiting all but Middleton, in order to raise funds for a new school in Foofoo Water, Sierra Leone. (One day he will remedy the omission of Middleton). This led to a deep affection for the Connexion family and his becoming part of the Sierra Leone Mission and its chair for nine years.

After university, Ben decided to take a year out and work for The Connexion, and he was offered a post at Westcott. This stretched and he remained at Westcott until 1999 when he moved to Wormley. He retains his interest in science and its relationship with faith. He is currently studying for a DMin (Doctor of Ministry) at Spurgeon's College, researching preaching as testimony. Outside of church and studies, he is a keen cyclist, guitarist, reader and tabletop-gamer. He is still on his year out!

As you may have noticed, Ben is sharing the bench with Gromit!

New trustees

The Connexion is currently seeking four new Trustees to join their existing team. Click here for more details