What's New?

New trustees required

The Connexion is welcoming applications for new trustees to join our existing team. Due to recent retirements our numbers have been reduced to five, and we are looking to recruit four new trustees, from among our church members.

If you feel prompted to join us we would be delighted to hear from you for an informal chat about how you may become involved.

Our heritage

The Connexion includes 22 churches, spread across the UK as far afield as West Cornwall, Manchester, Gloucestershire, and Kent. Each has its own distinctive situation, personality, and ways of ‘being a church’, yet bound together, not only by a shared love of Jesus and desire to follow Him, but also by an extraordinary history and legacy inherited from one woman.

The Countess, Selina Hastings, established The Connexion in the 18th Century, using her resources to build new churches and train preachers to spread the Gospel as far and wide as possible. She was highly respected by people from every ‘level’ of society, from slaves to royalty, and she had the courage to challenge and break the rules of an intensely patriarchal and prejudiced social system. She was a good friend and confidante of John Wesley, Charles Wesley and George Whitfield, who were celebrated advocates of the Methodist Revival, and she dedicated her life to spreading Christ’s mission. 

The Connexion today

The Connexion today is a strong family community that is brought together with shared intention to continue and build on Selina’s faith and achievements. Our members forge deep and often lifelong relationships between entire families that may span several generations. And this emphasis on genuine friendship and caring becomes all apparent when there is a chance for the whole community to meet at the annual Connexion Conference. The Connexion’s aims to welcome, network and support are deeply embedded in our culture.

What's involved

Our trustees attend four formal trustee meetings a year, quite often held in London, but sometimes at one of our churches, and between formal meetings, we keep in touch by email, phone and online platforms. Agendas for discussion and decision-making are varied, but our main focus is to find ways to help our congregations and ministers to effectively share Jesus with their communities. Resources are limited, so a key role of trustees is to establish how best to apply our assets and modest income to help our churches to thrive.

It is extremely valuable for our trustees to regularly attend one of our Connexion churches, but apart from that no qualifications are necessary, other than a love of Jesus Christ and willingness to follow Him. All of our ministers and trustees accept The Connexion’s Articles of Faith. 

The amount of work you would be expected to contribute entirely depends on your personal circumstances. Our trustees are all volunteers and some have full-time professions. 

Get in touch

If you would like to find out more about what’s involved in being a trustee please contact David Lockett, Chair of Trustees at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. If you would prefer, get in touch with any of our trustees or your minister/church leader. 

We would be delighted to give you more details about our activities and hope to be able to welcome you to our team!