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Bread and Prayer: Mile 91

Visiting the school at Mile 91 – so named because it is exactly 91 miles from Freetown – Magnus brought the children a treat of fresh bread to eat after the chapel service. 

It is lovely, but also quite humbling to see the expressions of delight on the children’s faces as they eat the bread, and a reminder of how in the West so many of us can take this food, and very much more, for granted. 

Your prayers are always welcomed for the Connexion schools, orphanage, churches and local communities in Sierra Leone, and the following prayer points are particularly requested for February. 

Sierra Leone Connexion Conference

Please pray for those in leadership positions in as they make final preparations for this year’s Conference at St Mark’s Cathedral, Waterloo, Sierra Leone.

Please also pray for speakers and receptive listeners, for wisdom in any decisions that need to be made, and for unity and God’s presence throughout the event from 7 to 9 February.

Sierra Leone Leaders

Magnus has requested prayer for the National Leaders in Sierra Leone, as currently there is much animosity between the two main political parties.

Containers from UK

Two containers arrived in Sierra Leone from the UK on 5 December, but they are still awaiting one signature from a Government Official before they can be released to complete the remainder of their journey. Please pray that this will happen quickly and that the cost of ‘port rental’ will be minimal.


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