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New roof for Hailsham

The Connexion initially received a request from Hailsham Gospel Mission for a grant in the region of £8,500 to assist with the replacement of their church hall roof covering.

The Trustees were able to agree to the funds, and work duly began. However, it wasn’t long before alarm bells started ringing, following an assessment by the contractor who discovered that the roof’s structural timbers were moving.

As a result, all work was quickly halted and the site was quarantined off for safety reasons.

Hailsham’s Connexion Trustee, Glynn Phillips, visited the church site and arranged for Rand Associates Consultancy to carry out a detailed inspection. Their survey revealed that the sidewalls of the building had moved outwards, which would make it necessary to carry out more extensive works. In fact, a whole new roof was required.

Following the survey, detailed drawings and structural calculations were required for building control purposes, and work was unable to begin before the necessary permissions were granted. The process took several months during which time the building was protected with temporary coverings to safeguard it from bad weather. 

Finally, a major reconstruction was completed, bearing a cost in the region of £23,000, which necessitated additional funds from The Connexion. The work involved rebuilding the walls, and creating a completely new roof structure and covering, plus internally the building needed a replacement ceiling and new lighting.

After almost four months from the initial start, Hailsham Gospel Mission are extremely pleased with the new roof and internal refurbishments, which has enabled church activities to take place in the hall once again. 


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