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Chaplain Training Day

Magnus Bendu has been delighted to report the success of the School Chaplain Training Day, which took place on Friday 29 November at St Mark’s Church, Waterloo in Sierra Leone.

The event was able to accommodate 27 trainee pastors from both local and more far-reaching schools in the provinces, which means a growing number of schools will now benefit from having their own School Chaplain.

Magnus said: ‘I am really excited that after a long interval there will be chaplains in schools again to bring the Word of God to the children, who will then pass it on to their families.’

Following their training, the chaplains will be able to train staff to improve their bible teaching in school assemblies and scripture lessons.

Magnus sends a big thank you to everyone who has prayed and generated donations to enable the training day to take place for so many individuals.

He asks for us to continue to pray for the schools, pupils, teachers and chaplains.


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