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Youth Cake Sale for Chaplain Training

Well done to the young people at Mortimer West End Chapel who organised a special cake sale to help to raise money towards the costs of running a training day for School Chaplains in Sierra Leone. 

By all accounts the cakes were delicious and the sale managed to raise a total of £202.

Magnus Bendu, who is organising the event, greatly praised the efforts of the Connexion youth and expressed sincere thanks for this additional contribution. 

Although the event has received financial support from the Sierra Leone Mission, Magnus had felt it necessary to restrict the training to one Chaplain per school in order to keep costs in check. However, on receiving this news of extra money, he now plans to offer the training to a wider group, which will be hugely beneficial to the schools. In Magnus’ words: “A timely miracle of God’s provision!”

The training day will take place at St Mark’s Church, Waterloo on Friday 29 November, and Magnus has promised to send us some photographs.