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News from Sierra Leone visit

Janet O’Shea, from Zion Community Church in St Ives, returned from her trip to Sierra Leone in July. During her visit to support schools and the local communities, Janet was accompanied by her 14 year-old granddaughter Nina and Tino, aged 19, who has previously done an amazing job working with children and teenagers at Zion.

Short report from Janet

We had an amazing visit!

At first, the teaching was an uphill struggle at Brama School, but by the end of the stay we had finally reached the mountaintop. We taught the Brama children for eight days from 8am until 2pm, before taking a rest, then returned to the school to paint and decorate the classrooms from 4pm until 7pm.

During the evening Magnus Bendu often took us to meet folk from the local communities, and one night we helped to feed the street children. 

I led a Sunday School training course on the first Saturday morning of our trip and also attended a ministers fraternal on the following Saturday. 

Life at Bethesda Orphanage continues to flourish and the children there are a true testimony of the Saving Grace of Jesus. Bethesda supports a large number of children who live on the streets of Sierra Leone and provides a home for orphans whose family cannot be traced.


The main picture shows Janet decorating one of the newly painted classrooms, and her teaching one of the classes above. Below features the new reading area where the children can enjoy the many 100s of books that have been donated to the school.


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