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Hastings Exchange Trip

Sia Lovetta M'Bayo from Hastings in Sierra Leone, came on a 9-day visit to Hastings in East Sussex as part of an exchange programme between Sierra Leone and the UK.

Sia, who is married to Reverend Kelvin M’Bayo, is a Reverend and Circuit Minister for Koya in Sierra Leone. In addition Sia is Head Teacher of Allen Town Junior Secondary School, which has more than 600 pupils, and part of her trip to the UK included a period at the Claverham Community College in Battle.

On Sunday 19 June, Sia was able to visit Hailsham Gospel Mission and take part in the morning fellowship with Paul Woodbridge, before joining other visitors on the exchange programme to enjoy a picnic on Hastings Pier. The English weather, unfortunately, took a turn for the worse, so the picnic was hastily relocated to the White Rock Hotel where they were all staying.

Previously, Hastings UK and Hailsham Gospel Mission have also been pleased to welcome Esther Tommy and Reverend R.G.O Blackie as part of the exchange programme.

The picture shows Sia Lovetta with Ken Stone at Hailsham Gospel Mission.