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Conference Talks

The theme of this year's Conference was aptly entitled 'An Unchanging Gospel in a Changing World'.

In his opening welcome, President Ken Hart highlighted how over the past two years so many things have changed, resulting from the pandemic. Offering encouragement for each of us to help one another and move forward in unity, understanding the truth and ready to fight the battles that exist in this world. 

To view Ken's full talk, click on the YouTube link below. 


This year's invited speaker, John McGinley, has 25 years experience in church leadership and is the Executive Director of Myriad and New Wine Director of Church Planting. Over the three days, John expanded on the theme of 'An Unchanging Gospel in a Changing World' in three encouraging and entertaining sessions: 'Everything has changed: understanding our missional context', 'Nothing has changed: the call to make disciples' and 'Making changes: restoring missional confidence'.

Click on the YouTube links below to hear each of John's inspirational talks. (NB - apologies that the second recording is missing a few minutes at the end - but happily John gives a recap in the third session!) 

Talk 1: Everything has Changed: Understanding our Missional Context

 Talk 2: Nothing has Changed: The Call to Make Disciples


 Talk 3: Making Changes: Restoring Missional Confidence