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Online Alpha Course

Wormley Free Church are running an online Alpha Course from May 11 at 8pm. 

Covid has prompted very many people to re-evaluate their lives and ask some of those big questions and the Alpha Course provides an ideal platform to do this. Offering a safe place with like-minded people, to explore those questions and discuss your views, learning about faith and Jesus. No pressure, no strings attached, no cost.

The course will run for 11 weeks. Each week includes a film or talk tackling a different question relating to Christianity and faith, followed by discussion - which is your chance to ask those questions! The first online meeting was on Tuesday 11 May, but don't worry if you have missed the beginning, they can soon help you to catch up. 

In light of the pandemic, courses are accessed digitally, watching the week’s video on Zoom together and then discussing it afterwards. 

It is not too late to sign up or find out more, visit Wormley's Alpha Page for details.