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Why Believe?

If you've ever thought there must be more to life than this, why not join Why Believe?

The series will run over Easter to unpack six key questions, and get to the heart of why we are here and what life is all about.

Why Believe? is an online social media mission event taking place during Holy Week, hosted by Simon Allaby.

Short videos will be posted on Facebook each day from 28 March at 7pm for six days. There will be a live stream event on Good Friday.


Day 1

Why Believe?
An introduction to the week. Most people think there ‘must be more to life than this’. An encouragement for people to come with an open mind.

Days 2-5

Why believe in good and evil?
Why believe in justice?
Why believe in love?
Why believe in hope?

Each day will explore these core values that we all assume are essential for a civilised society to function well. But Simon will argue that in a Godless universe there is no reason why any of them should exist.

Day 6

Why believe in Jesus?
A Gospel presentation focusing on Jesus who lived a perfect life, who judges and loves us perfectly and who offers us the hope of eternal life.

How to take part

From 28 March you will find the videos on Facebook and Youtube. The Good Friday event will be live-streamed on Facebook, 2 April.

Facebook Link: Turn the Page @ttpstories

YouTube Link: Turn the Page