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A Multiplicity of Food!

One of the wonderful benefits of having such a diverse congregation at Rosedale Community Church is the quite amazing variety of meals that one can enjoy. At Rosedale we actively celebrate our church of many colours by holding an annual Multi-cultural Meal. On Saturday 20thJuly we came together for a fundraising event for Lord’s work in Sierra Leone.

Greek salad, Jollof rice, spicy chicken noodles, vegetable lasagne, chocolate brownies, cinnamon buns, Gypsy tart, and many more dishes provided an amazing feast. With the donations of food and a charge of £3 per plate, we hoped to both raise money and make the celebration accessible to as many of our congregation and their guests as possible.

David, a retired concert pianist provided back ground music whilst Becky, Deborah and Hannah entertained with some solos. In the church foyer the kids were taking selfies in the pop-up photo booth. Donated gifts, including a mountain bike, were auctioned by John to raise further funds.

Bethany provided an updated account of what God is currently doing in Sierra Leone under the ministry of Magnus and the wonderful school that work Janet O’Shea has just completed. She also reminded people of the opportunity to go salvaging at Reading Festival at the end of August.

By 9pm everyone was full of food and clutching their auction pieces. Over £300 was raised and everyone had thoroughly enjoyed the evening of fellowship.