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The Connexion is the legacy of arguably the most influential woman in the Evangelical Revival that swept England and America in the 18th century. Counting John Wesley and George Whitefield among her closest friends the Countess of Huntingdon was driven by a desire to share the Good News of Jesus Christ with her generation. By the end of the century in which she lived she had formed The Connexion of chapels and mission stations across the United Kingdom, the legacy we enjoy and continue today.

Today The Connexion comprises 22 chapels in the UK and more than 30 chapels in Sierra Leone, as well as some 20 schools. We celebrate a rich heritage and like the Countess herself are committed to reaching our own generation with the Gospel. To do this we have a continuing vision to be a growing network of churches that are missional and led by the Holy Spirit. We hope you enjoy visiting our site and if you think you might like to join with us then please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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Connexion Network

Find a Connexion church near to where you live in our growing network.


Global Connexion

We have long-established links with Sierra Leone and a growing overseas network.


Young Connexion

We run a programme of activities that are specially designed for our teenagers.


Connexion Community

Helping you to link with each other for prayer, encouragement and friendship.


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